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English Language Learner (ELL) Handbook - English Proficiency Assessments

English Language Proficiency Assessment

Annual Assessment: The ACCESS (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English from State to State) is a large-scale test that addresses the English language development standards that form the core of the WIDA consortium’s approach to instructing and testing ELL students. ACCESS is the instrument required to measure English language proficiency.

Initial Assessment for Placement: The W-APT (WIDA ACCESS Placement Test) or MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) must be given to new students. They are diagnostic placement tests designed to provide information on two assessment contexts:
• Placement of new students in the appropriate tier for the ACCESS test 
• Appropriate placement of new students in ELL services

English Language Proficiency Levels: Definitions

(from Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for ELLs: Guidelines for Educators, 2005 from On the following pages, definitions, or descriptors, of the English language proficiency levels are provided.

Performance Definitions for the K-12 ELL Standards
The first set of definitions, built upon the legal definitions, are the Performance Definitions of proficiency levels 1 though 5 that are integral to the new WIDA ELP Standards now in use in Wisconsin. These definitions are a more detailed articulation than the legal definitions of what students at each level should be able to process, understand, produce, or use in terms of the English language in academic settings. (Levels 6, formerly LEP, and 7, never classified as LEP, remain in use in Wisconsin, but are not included on the performance definitions chart on the following page.)

English Language Proficiency Levels - WI Admin. Rule
For your reference, the English Language proficiency levels as defined by Wisconsin Administrative Rule PI-13 are included here as well. These include descriptions of how a student at each proficiency level, including levels 6 and 7, may appear.

WIDA's ELP Levels and Performance Definitions - Spanish version
The Performance Definitions for the K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards are the preferred definitions. When using a combination of test scores and teacher judgment to place a student in a particular level, please refer to these definitions.